Why A Labrador Could Be The Perfect Addition To Your Family!

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When you’re looking to introduce a furry friend into your family, the breed of dog that you choose to go with is one of the most important decisions that there is to make. A number of factors go in to choosing which breed is right for you, including the size of dog you are looking for, the level of dog-owning and training experience you have and the hours you can commit to exercising and playing with your dog.

All dogs are delightful in their own right, whatever breed they are – but one breed has, for many years, remained one of the best-loved and most popular breeds of all time. The Labrador, of course! And a Labrador may just be the perfect breed for you, too.

Labradors are a part of the ‘gun dog’ family of breeds, originally purpose-bred during the 1880s to assist the rich during hunting trips – though these days, they are much happier playing with their friends and family! They are considered ‘medium sized’, weigh an average of about 25-36kg when fully grown and tend to have a life expectancy of 10 – 12 years.

Here are just a few reasons why a Labrador could be a dream addition to your family and be the ideal pup for you!

They’re Incredibly Friendly

Labradors are one of the friendliest breeds of dog out there. They are famous for their open and loving nature, rarely taking an instant dislike to other dogs or humans whilst out on a walk. They tend to take each and every member of the family into their hearts very quickly, never too far from their owner’s side.

While Labradors are incredibly loyal, they wouldn’t exactly make the best guard dog! Labradors are much more likely to be wary of a stranger, allowing themselves to warm up to strangers rather than going straight into defence mode in the way that certain other breeds might. Labradors are a breed of dog with little capacity for outright aggression.

So, if you’re specifically looking for the sort of dog that will act on their protective instinct in emergency situations, a Labrador may not be the best option – but if you want a dog who is friendly, loving and approachable, there are few better choices.

Great With Children

Labradors tend to make ideal pets for families with children. Despite their large size, Labradors are generally warm-natured and unlikely to get too rough for no reason – in fact, statistics have previously shown that Labradors and Golden Retrievers are the two dog breeds who are the least likely to bite. If you have small children and are worried at the prospect of getting a dog for this reason, rest assured that biting isn’t a huge cause for concern amongst Labrador owners.

As mentioned, Labradors are a loyal breed and love their owners unconditionally – there won’t be a member of the household that your pup does not consider one of their best friends! If you’re looking to give your children a furry friend to grow up with, look no further than this loyal and loving breed for the perfect one.

Labradors thrive from being a part of a family unit and being showered with love – could you be the loving family unit that one little Labrador out there is looking for?

They Love To Play

They are also incredibly playful dogs, loving nothing more than hours of playing fetch or enjoying a run. They love exercise, but don’t strictly require as much exercise as larger dogs – however, you’ll enjoy seeing their excitement at their daily walk so much that you might want to start heading out a little more!

Your Labrador will appear very quickly to have a favourite playtime routine! They tend to frolic alone, with owners or with other canine friends for hours and hours at a time, only to suddenly get tired and immediately crash for a nap – however, they’re usually ready to get right back into it immediately after waking up again.

Labradors appear to keep many of their ‘puppy traits’ for a while, rarely mellowing out from their playful young selves until much later life, when they will likely adopt a much calmer and less hyperactive temperament – though they will still make time to play with their favourite toys on most days, just not with quite as much enthusiasm.

If it’s important to you that your dog actively wants to play – and wants you to join in, too – then a Labrador may be exactly what you are looking for.

They Are Incredibly Intelligent

Have you ever wondered why the majority of blind and deaf assistance dogs are Labradors?

Quite simply, Labradors are one of the most intelligent and intuitive breeds of all, able to solve problems and adapt to new instructions quickly. They are usually chosen as the perfect breed for an assistance dog thanks to their natural ability to learn new things and to use these skills outside of their usual training situation.

Not only are Labradors intellectually intelligent, though – they show particularly high levels of emotional intelligence too. Labradors appear to be able to ‘read’ particular situations, picking up on the body language and behaviour of an owner in order to understand how they are feeling. This is just another aspect of their warm and loving nature which has made them the favourite breed of thousands of dog owners across the United Kingdom.

So, if you’re looking for a loving, playful, intelligent and loyal furry friend, the Labrador may just be the perfect pet for you! Could your beloved new pup be right here with Pexswillow Dogs?

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