March 8, 2021
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How Do I Know Which Breed Of Dog Is Right For Me?

Is there anything more exciting than welcoming a new puppy into your family? Teaching them ‘sit’, ‘stay’ and ‘speak’, taking them out for walks and enjoying […]
December 17, 2020
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Why A Labrador Could Be The Perfect Addition To Your Family!

When you’re looking to introduce a furry friend into your family, the breed of dog that you choose to go with is one of the most […]

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  • Holly Baytan

    Our beautiful Cockapoo puppy, Olive, is almost one year old now. She is fun, friendly, obedient and an absolute delight. Many people ask us where we got her from as she has such a wonderful temperament and is such a fantastic little girl and we tell them Pexall Farm.

    Holly Baytan
  • Deborah

    I had my first Yorkie from you 16 years ago . I have never looked back and came again when dear Bronte was in advanced age. Now we have Milly her relative and she is doing just fine.

  • Elaine Whitfield

    We had Maya, a working cocker spaniel from you in May 2008 followed by Ruby, her niece, in November 2009. They are wonderfully fun dogs with a great nature & are the best of friends. Sadly my husband is refusing to return for puppy number 3! I will continue to keep working on him!

    Elaine Whitfield