What Is A Yorkiepoo?

A Yorkiepoo, also called a Yoodle or a Yorkapoo, is a cross breed between a Yorkie Terrier and a Toy Poodle. The name for the cross breed is largely dependent on which traits or characteristics are dominant. For example, if the dog looks more like a Yorkie, it will be a Yorkiepoo and if it looks and acts more like a Toy Poodle it will be called a Yoodle.

The breed is normally of a small size weighing in at maximum of 10 to 14 pounds and standing at a maximum height of 10 inches although they can grow slightly larger in size. The life expectancy of this type of dog is normally between 10 and 15 years.

This breed requires regular grooming in order to maintain the fur as well as minimize shedding. It is considered to shed minimally. This and it’s size makes it an ideal indoor dog.

The dogs are easy to train and manage and are great around children exhibiting high energy, playfulness and affection. This makes them ideal for family homes and for new dog owners who have little to no knowledge on how to care for a dog.

However, due to the small size of the dog, it is recommended to be mindful around younger children who can accidentally or unintentionally harm the pet. An injured dog or pet is more likely to snap or bite.

Balanced nutrition is very important for the Yorkiepoo. Due to it’s small size, it can be easy to overfeed which will result in excessive weight gain which may be harmful to it’s overall health. Only about 1 cup of dry food that is suitable for small dog breeds should be necessary.

It is advisable to avoid feeding the dog “human food” and too many treats. Ask your vet about the ideal type of food for your dog breed as well as the optimal amount of food to serve your pet every day.

There aren’t many health issues associated with this breed. Cross breeds are often healthier and have less genetic disorders than pedigree dogs. This is due to the fact that they gain immunity to different diseases from both parents.

However, they may suffer from skin problems due to a lack of grooming and bathing. It is essential to bathe the dog regularly with a recommended pet shampoo to maintain fur and skin health. It is also beneficial to keep the dog away from UV rays that could cause skin problems as well as weeping eyes.

Other health problems can be prevented by ensuring proper nutrition and hydration as well as regular visits to the vet and keeping up with the recommended shots.

The size and affectionate nature of the Yorkiepoo makes it an ideal “handbag” dog. However, it is important to take into consideration it’s high energy levels and need to play. A pet that does not get the opportunity to expel it’s energy may become frustrated and begin to enter into unwanted behaviors such as biting, destroying items or marking territory.

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  • Holly Baytan

    Our beautiful Cockapoo puppy, Olive, is almost one year old now. She is fun, friendly, obedient and an absolute delight. Many people ask us where we got her from as she has such a wonderful temperament and is such a fantastic little girl and we tell them Pexall Farm.

    Holly Baytan
  • Deborah

    I had my first Yorkie from you 16 years ago . I have never looked back and came again when dear Bronte was in advanced age. Now we have Milly her relative and she is doing just fine.

  • Elaine Whitfield

    We had Maya, a working cocker spaniel from you in May 2008 followed by Ruby, her niece, in November 2009. They are wonderfully fun dogs with a great nature & are the best of friends. Sadly my husband is refusing to return for puppy number 3! I will continue to keep working on him!

    Elaine Whitfield